Class Activities

  • Roll Call
  • Presentation #1
    • Present sites in front of class
    • What content/styling that’s different vs same?
    • What did you like about making this site?
    • What challenges did you have?
  • break
  • Tutorial site
    • pick topic
    • Browse previous tutorial sites
    • In group (10min), create a text file and fill in the following:
      • Title of tutorial site
      • Who will read this?
      • 5 Example step titles
    • Alone (10min), fill out tone ideas
      • 10 words: I want the site to feel like…
      • 10 words: site should not feel like..
      • What do you foresee is easy/hard?
    • Group (10min): Brainstorm ideas on content
      • 3 sites that are good examples
      • 3 sites with similar material
  • Start filling out pitch document
  • for homework: pitch, content outline and wireframes


Due next class Assignment 7: Tutorial Pitch